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SISTEM is an unconventional percussion group.

All percussionists in the band have thorough studies of classical music and, in time, have acquired a wide experience in this domain. At the moment, they have a wide and highly original repertory, consisting of music parts for metal and plastic barrels, casks as well as for different parts of the human body. They also make use of bags, coffee-cups and lanterns to produce their music, all this building up a performance full of special effects that combine water effects with those based on lasers or pyrotechnics.

What made it possible for SISTEM to come into being was the fascination they had for the new ways of expression. In the beginning their music was a kind of minimal music, an original mixture of body music (they used parts of the human body instead of instruments) and rhythms played at different other objects. As for the history of the group, SISTEM was formed in November 2000.

In 2003 the group adopted a formula, which was actually unique in the whole world: five percussionists playing the metal & plastic barrels, casks and other unconventional musical accessories. They were using one normal drum-set, but with the drummer standing. Now they have started to integrate conventional instruments in their show – djembs, vibraphone, even an electric guitar.

The group consists only of professional percussionists: Robert MAGHETI, Florin ROMASCU, Claudiu PURCARIN, Ciprian ROGOJAN and Toth ZOLTAN. All of them have graduated at the same Music Academy. They collaborate with different female vocalists for the vocal parts in their songs.

Various composers have written most of their songs, but the percussion parts have always been composed by SISTEM. But this is not all, for their final performance they have created an elaborate show that combines music, special effects and choreography.

SISTEM’s  success is due to their outstanding show. There is not only music, there are also scenarios, pyrotechnical effects and choreography at stake. SISTEM repertory was made public in live performances, in concerts, in national and international festivals and TV shows.

They have reached no. 3 in Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (along with singer Luminita Anghel) and in June 2006 they have opened the Depeche Mode concert in Bucharest, Romania. The 2006/2007 New Year’s Eve found SISTEM performing for the greatest event in Europe – next to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin – in front of an audience of 1 milion people.

Since it has emerged on the Romanian music scene SISTEM has always been on top positions in all airplay charts. All their singles have reached the Top 5 of the Romanian Top 100. They have released 4 albums so far and the special edition of their first one went Gold.

Main events in SISTEM’s career:

European Karate Championship – Cluj Napoca/Romania  2000

International Percussion Festival – Debrecen/Hungary  2000

Vengaboys & Friends Concert – Bucharest/Romania 2001

HAGI GALA – Bucharest/Romania  2001

Music Festival – Chisinau/ rep. Moldavia   2001

International Festival – Sighisoara /Romania   2001

‘’Bucharest ‘’ Festival – Bucharest/Romania 2001,2002

“Mamaia” National Music Festival – Romania   2002

Callatis Music Festival – Romania     2001, 2002, 2004

« Golden Stag » Int’l Festival – Romania 2001, 2002, 2004, 2009

Europe’s Day – Stockholm/Sweden 2004

Eurovision National Selection (Ist place) – Bucharest/Romania 2005

Eurovision – Int’l Semifinals (Ist place) – Kiev/Ukraine 2005

Eurovision – Int’l Finals (IIIrd place) feat. L. Anghel – Kiev/Ukraine 2005

Opening act for Depeche Mode – Bucharest/Romania  2006

Official « Romania welcome in EU » – Bruxelles/Belgium 2006

New Year’s Eve – Berlin/Germany 2006

World Environment Exhibition – Zaragoza/Spain 2008

“Romania, a land to discover” tour – Italy 2008

“Europe on Water”  – Istanbul/Turkey 2010